Osteria La Vinaccia

A genuine return to the origins made with good taste, mostly the dishes it proposes. Culinary dishes that best represent the best and typical Brescia tradition, from skewers with boiled polenta, from dirty soup to cobbles and grilled meat. There are also internationally successful meat cuts, such as the famous Angus.

Osteria La Vinaccia is a jewel to discover. For the kitchen, of course, but also for the atmosphere that breathes, thanks to the interior layout and exquisite courtesy of the operators.

The current location was a restaurant already in the early 20th Century. It was born as Osteria la Pergolina because then there was a pergola with a bowling alley, then became Restaurant La Bùsa due to the entrance somewhat downhill and then again As a Vegetarian Restaurant and later became Restaurant Pizzeria Mignon: today it is Osteria la Vinaccia.

Today it has come to a certain degree in the origins where, for typical Brescia-style taverns and taverns, it is meant to be the “true” of the time, without any revisions.

Here you can find pasta and homemade cakes, old braised and stuffed with our grandmothers recipes to keep the homemade tradition, the classic Bresciani casoncelli, but also pumpkin or truffle tortelli, our tasty noodles and Then there is also wet dumpling or salad with potatoes and much more.

Osteria la Vinaccia awaits you with the hospitality of all time, ready to make you taste our cuisine but also to taste a glass of good wine, a good fresh beer or an appetizer accompanied by appetizers.



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