La Foresta

La Foresta was established in 1974, when Montisola, The Sebino pearl, has not yet become the tourist destination for excellence of Lake Iseo.

The restaurant is located on the scenic road that connects the town of Peschiera Maraglio to the little one of Sensole and where, walking among the olive trees, you will be able to admire the solitary beauty of the island of Sao Paulo.

Right here, in this blend of wild nature and scents of the Lake, the Novali brothers established their own restaurant by now known and renowned.

Sandro, the eldest of the two, is one of the last fishermen of the Lake Iseo and with its typical boat called “naet”, it works dropping its net in the lake and supplies the kitchen with the fish of the day.

In Montisola, the biggest lake isle of Europe, fishing has always been the link that connects the men to the lake, the typical product of “dry sardines”, an ancient method of conservation of the fish, is an example.

Silvano, who has always been one of the owner of the restaurant, when he was younger worked on transatlantic cruise boats in their golden age, it is from there that his ideas about tourism and Montisola has begun, moreover during the years he has developped his passion for the cuisine and the ancient flavours of his island.



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