Carne e spirito

In our restaurant meat is synonymous of passion, taste and selection. We offer several cuts of grilled meat and to satisfy even the most demanding palates, rare and precious such as the Japanese Kobe meat known to gourmets all over the world, the Galician Ox Ruby with its flavours unique and unmistakable, the Australian Tomahawk ribeye defined as the delight of carnivores and the fillet with the bone, when tenderness meets the taste of the meat with the bone.

True tasting routes are our tasting menu, offered at a special price. Ideal for dinners with friends: quality becomes accessible to all pockets.

The Fiorentina menu (€32 per person), the Meat & Spirit menu (€35 per person) and the Aphrodisiacs menu (€35 per person). Do not miss the sweet temptations: delicious desserts of our production. And to match the excellent meats, our rich wine list makes you spoiled for choice.

On every Friday and Saturday evening kitchen is open until late.



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