Also known as Sebino, for its dimention is the second of the three lakes of Brescia (Garda, Iseo and Idro), and in recent years is having more and more visitors.

In 2016 the arrival of Christo with his Floating Piers projected Lake Iseo, especially in its most southern part among the most famous destinations, bringing it on everyone’s lips in the world: on the lake anybody had never seen tourists from five continents flocking en masse: for 15 days Iseo was the virtual capital of the world.

A massive influx that has been the driving force in the sector of tourism, which is already giving important results for a few years, favoured by investment and redevelopment works.


Lake Iseo hosts some islands including the best known: Montisola, the largest lake island in Europe. A little jewel of nature, inhabited by a few people, the isle attracts a large number of Italian and foreign visitors. The isle can be reached with ferries from Iseo and Sulzano, the crossing is very short and the view enjoyed from the highest point of the island is really beautiful.

Montisola is also famous for the production of boats and luxury motor boats and about gastronomic a point of view for the typical and renowned salami, almost totally free of fat. we recommend you a lunch on the isle, as we also suggest you to participate in one of the many cruises that will take you to discover Lake Iseo (both the Brescia side and the Bergamo one) and its lake archipelago.


I high recommend you a walk among the beauties of Iseo, especially in the spring days the lake is a healthy and relaxing choice for those who have family. You can stop at one of many restaurants of the town to make a good aperitif.

Lorenzo Del Pietro