It is really difficult to talk about Lake Garda, has become a mythical place, which includes Italian, German, French and English tourists almost all year. A river of people landed on the shores of Lake Garda (especially in the southern part) to enjoy the mild weather and the beauties of this land.

Are you looking for culture? For relax? For sunbathing? Or for fun? Lake Garda is the right answer to all these questions. You will always find something to do or see.

Famous since the time of our Roman ancestors for its mild climate and its wines, Lake Garda continues to be a guarantee of success.

Desenzano, Sirmione and Lugana wines

The jewels of the Southern Coast are undoubtedly Desenzano and Sirmione. The cultural offer is very wide and includes the Cathedral and the Archaeological Museum of Densenzano, the Scaliger Castle of Sirmione and the famous Grotte di Catullo, which in the collective have become a bit ‘the symbol of Sirmione.

South of Sirmione extends, on the moraine hills, a small area famous for the excellence of its wines: Lugana. Unlike the Franciacorta, local wines produced here for two millennia and in recent years, thanks to the work of the Lugana Consortium, bottles of Lugana cellars are traveling a bit ‘in the whole country and with a higher numbers also abroad.

The baths

We can not avoid to mention the spas of Sirmione: this is an area that attracts the whole year visitors from all over the peninsula. Southern Garda is one of the most important areas in the spa industry.

The west coast

Moving away from the nightlife of Desenzano and Sirmione, we rise the west coast of Garda where there are small towns consecrated for decades to the reception of tourists: Lonato, Moniga, Manerba, Gardone Riviera and Salò of course.

Places that, perhaps because were close to the border with Austria-Hungary, were frequented by the early 20th century from the German aristocracy and high bourgeoisie and the Austro-Hungarian, that is the reason why the Lutheran church in Gardone Riviera was financed in part even through a gift of Empress Augusta Victoria, the first wife of William II of Germany.

In addition to the many towns that attract many tourists there are huge spaces where nature is in its best, places where the excursions by feet, bike rides and sports are the main objective of visitors.

Vittoriale degli Italiani

The pearl of the west bank, however, is the residence of Gabriele D’Annunzio, the poet lived there throughout the latter part of his life: home and exile… Today the residence and its grounds are a very popular Museum, where in summer are represented in the theater plays and sometimes concerts are hosted.

Valtenesi and Salò

Mentioning the beauty of Valtenesi is a must. A small area but which has a lot to offer, both in terms of landscape, both artistic and food and wine. The wines of this region are a blessing during the hot summer days and on all stands Chiaretto.

Further north there are Tremosine and Limone del Garda, a small town that became famous for the quality of life and for the extraordinary longevity of its inhabitants.

Nature, art, traditional food, wines with a long history, entertainment and culture: all this is part of the extraordinarily wide range of Lake Garda, the choice is yours!

Lorenzo Del Pietro