Franciacorta is a rich and fertile land that in the last 50 years has been able to develop fine wines, which today are known and appreciated throughout the world.

Placed in the western part of the province of Brescia, Franciacorta is very popular for its many wineries, for its panoramas characterized by long rows of vines, for its sweet hills which lead the visitor to the shores of the Lake.

The Franciacorta wines are characterized by a light colour and a rich flavour that, in the context of sparkling wines, made them very appreciated abroad. Consorzio Franciacorta (the local consortium) has been able, over the years, to team up and unite the vast majority of the wineries, succeeding in his constant work of promotion to raise awareness of the Franciacorta wines in at least three continents: unique and versatile wines that have conquered the world!

Parco delle Torbiere

An increasingly appreciated area by the visitors not only for its fine wines and delicious local food, but also for nature that the vast park of the moors, ideal point of union between Franciacorta and Lake Iseo. The park is dominated by the splendid structure of the former convent of San Pietro in Lamosa, which has a spectacular views of the peat bogs.

Nature and sport

Place of festivals and nature walks, Franciacorta has been able to dedicate himself to the production of its now typical white sparkling wines and reception of many tourists, creating accommodation designed to satisfy even those who love sport little known in Italy such as golf.

A versatile land

Going away from clichés that show this area as a land devoted exclusively to the production of wines, Franciacorta offers fun and relax for everyone from food lovers to sports enthusiasts, no forget about those who love the outdoors, so there is something for everyone!

Lorenzo Del Pietro