Lake Idro and Sabbia Valley are, among the lakes and the three valleys of Brescia, the most unknown; they are the Cinderellas of the province. That does not mean they have no things of interest for the tourists, about nature, history and art Idro Lake and Sabbia Valley have a lot to tell.

These areas are historically placed on the border between Venice and its neighbours and that’s the reason why the valley shows many fortresses: the most famous is Rocca d’Anfo: a military compound built by the Republic of Venice to control the the Bishop of Trento’s lands.

That border lasted until 1918 when Italy conquered Trento and the fortress lost its military destination. The Great War let in Sabbia Valley heavy traces because it was very close to the battle areas.

The mains towns are Vestone, Idro and Bagolino, this one is famous for the production of a typical cheese called Bagoss. A dairy product that in the last years has become the gold of Bagolino made only inside the district of Bagolino.

But Bagolino is not famous only for its cheese also for the typical carnival. A time of happiness that calls in the town many tourists from all over the province.

What else to do? Absolutely to enjoy the nature having walks in Idro or to practise sports: Idro Lake and Sabbia Valley offer many different opportunities for trekking lovers, with breath-taking panorama on the lake and on its affluent and emissary the river Chiese.

The Valley is known for producing electricity, since 2011 in Paitone there is the biggest hydroelectric power station of Europe.

Lorenzo Del Pietro